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We have received your information.


  • Expect to receive a text message from us to confirm your information has matched to a prescription from your doctor. This can take up to 24 hours depending on when your doctor sends over the prescription.
  • You will receive another text message from us when your prescription has been checked by our pharmacist and ready for shipment.
  • You will receive a confirmation text message from us once FedEx has picked up your prescription which includes the tracking number.
  • Credit card charge will process when the script is completed and filled in our system.
  • Lastly, please take time to download the RxLocal app from the Google Play store or Apple App Store to manage your refills and communicate with the pharmacy securely. You will be able to validate your account on RxLocal as soon as you have received the first text message from us confirming we have matched your information to a prescription.

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If you do not receive our text messages within 24 hours or if you have any questions, please call the pharmacy at 630-495-2333 or e-mail at info@lombardpharmacy.com.